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Interested in climate change? I've got a Stack of articles, right here!…

If you disagree with something that I or anyone has said, please QUOTE THE EXACT WORDS YOU DISAGREE WITH. This avoids many misunderstandings.

If you cannot do that, then don't be surprised if I don't want to be bothered with you.

To all the rest, Come on in, Read and Learn! That is all I ask. I do not claim special knowledge; in fact, I freely admit that I have a long way to go.
But with a degree in geology and 30 years of following this, I think I have a pretty good idea of which way to go.
In the end, which way you choose to believe, is up to you. But you should base your decision upon the facts, not upon hype.


Germany’s Green Energies Lead To Skyrocketing Electricity Prices – Feed-In Rates Increase More Than 10-Fold!

Always more expensive, never cheaper– renewable energy feed-in tariffs to climb to 6.24 cents in 2014
By Rudolf Kipp, Science Skeptical
(Translated, edited by P Gosselin)

Payments for renewable energy will cost each household on average about 1 euro per month – that’s as much as one scoop of ice cream.”  That’s what Jürgen Trittin, former Federal Environment Minister, Green Party, said in July 2004 when Germany’s EEG renewable energy Feed-In Act) was enacted.

“Now it costs as much as every item on the entire ice cream menu,” said Peter Altmaier, current Federal Minister of Environment, September 2013 at the 8th German Energy Congress “Energy Economy in Transition”.

German feed-in rates skyrocketing

Recently a press release from power grid operators 50Hertz, Amprion, TenneT and TransnetBW (link) was issued. Here is what it announced:

(…) The EEG feed-in levy is to be paid for each kilowatt-hour consumed by all end-consumers. That means that the consumers will have to pay 6.240 cents per kilowatt hour in order to support renewable energies. Thus the costs for the EEG feed-in will increase almost 20 percent compared to a year earlier (5.277 cents per kilowatt-hour).

For the year 2014 another considerable increase in the generation of renewable electrical energy is projected. The increase of approximately 15 terawatt-hours(from about 135 TWh in 2013 to almost 150 TWh in 2014) is mainly from onshore wind, offshore wind, and photovoltaic.

The following chart depicts the cost development for consumers from the EEG feed-in tariff, from 2003 to 2014, (

EEG-Umlage 2003-2014

The next figure shows the electric power price development in Germany (Statista):

 Strompreis Index Deutschland 1998-2013

Index of the electricity price development for households in Germany from 1998 – 2013 (1998 = 100). Source: statista

So much for renewable energies staying affordable, as politicians promised us just some years ago.

What follows are more famous quotes from politicians and hustlers, all telling the consumers how renewable energy would stay cheap and affordable for every German. You be the judge on whether or not they were truthful.

2004 Greenpeace:

….The costs to be paid by consumers for the Feed-In Act (EEG fees)) will remain practically constant compared to the current level.”

2005 German Environment Ministry:

The increase in the EEG feed-in tariffs will reduce in the future and will not cost more than 3 euros a month, even with a very dynamic expansion. The feed-in rates will then start to go down by the middle of the next decade.”

In 2005 the EEG feed-In fees were only 0.68 cent/kwh. This year Germans are paying more than 250 euros per year.

2006 Engineering Office for new energies:

As a whole the current EEG feed-in cost of approximately 0.54 cents/kwh will increase to a maximum of 0.93 cents/kwh by 2017.”

Already in 2006 the EEG feed-in tariff was 0.88 cents/kwh. In 2014 it will 6.24 cents/kwh, i.e. 7 times higher!


2007 Solarportal 24:

Already today consumers are saving significantly more than they are paying for the EEG feed-in act. The huge supply of energy from wind, water, sun, bioenergy, and geothermal is leading to a dampening effect on the price of electricity, this according to the Federal Association of Renewable Energies, BEE.”

German Environment Ministry:

Because of the EEG feed-in act, the feed-in cost for electricity will rise a bit. According to the law that applies, it will increase to a maximum of about 1.4 cents/kwh by the year 2015, after which it will again drop.

In 2013 the EEG fee will rise to a whopping 6.24 cents/kwh, and there is no end in sight for the spiraling costs.

2009 Federal Association of Renewable Energies:

The EEG feed-in will reach its maximum of approx. 1.4 cents/kwh by 2013/2014.”

Today we know that figure will rise to 6.24 cents/kwh next year with no slowdown in sight.

2010 German Ministry of Environment:

The EEG feed-in cost for 2011 according to a current study of the German Ministry of Environment (BMU) will be about 2.8 cents. The study looks at the ‘long-term scenarios and strategies for the expansion of renewable energies in Germany while taking the development in Europe and the globe into account’, and also sees no exploding EEG feed-in costs for the coming years.”

Reality: costs have exploded.


Angela Merkel on September 6 in a government address:

The EEG feed-in costs must not rise more than today’s levels; today it is at about 3.5 cents/kwh. Over the long-term we want to significantly lower the payment for electricity coming from renewable energies.”


Eicke R. Weber, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems:

The expansion of renewable energies will lead to very little price increases for the consumers.

(…) After 2020, however, we expect renewable energies to become an important share and will stabilize the prices, and thus we will experience a dampening in electricity prices.”

The EEG feed-in cost will surge to 6.24 cents/kwh next year. There are no signs of a price slowdown.


Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier:

We are not paying for the transformation over to renewable energies from petty cash.”

- See more at:…


Remind me again, :iconvalendale:, :iconmaster-of-the-boot: about the wonders of industrial-level wind and solar?

For (almost) everyone else: Wind and solar have their place. Industrial level? Not hardly. Backup supply? Yes, but even then, only when technology advances enough to provide storage.
On a per-household basis (and of course only where it works most efficiently, ie, not every single home can or could manage it) and very likely NOT part of the nation's power grid? Sure.

And that be it for tonight.
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