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Interested in climate change? I've got a Stack of articles, right here!…

If you disagree with something that I or anyone has said, please QUOTE THE EXACT WORDS YOU DISAGREE WITH. This avoids many misunderstandings.

If you cannot do that, then don't be surprised if I don't want to be bothered with you.

To all the rest, Come on in, Read and Learn! That is all I ask. I do not claim special knowledge; in fact, I freely admit that I have a long way to go.
But with a degree in geology and 30 years of following this, I think I have a pretty good idea of which way to go.
In the end, which way you choose to believe, is up to you. But you should base your decision upon the facts, not upon hype.




In a few weeks, Seattle’s new, highest in the country, $15 per hour minimum wage will go into effect. Like many liberal policies, it was passed by City Hall with the best of intentions. The only problem is, in the end, it may do more harm than good for many.

Private businesses, unlike government entities (which, in theory, can always raise taxes or borrow), must make more than they spend in order to pay the rent, make payroll, keep the lights on, pay their business taxes, and, heaven forbid, have some left over for the owners and investors who are taking the risk and putting in the long hours.

Earlier this month, Seattle Magazine asked, Why Are So Many Seattle Restaurants Closing Lately?

Last month—and particularly last week— Seattle foodies were downcast as the blows kept coming: Queen Anne’s Grub closed February 15. Pioneer Square’s Little Uncle shut down February 25. Shanik’s Meeru Dhalwala announced that it will close March 21. Renée Erickson’s Boat Street Café will shutter May 30 after 17 years with her at the helm…What the #*%&$* is going on? A variety of things, probably—and a good chance there is more change to come.

The magazine went on to report that one “major factor affecting restaurant futures in our city is the impending minimum wage hike.” Anthony Anton, president and CEO of Washington Restaurant Association, told the magazine, “It’s not a political problem; it’s a math problem.” He estimates that restaurants usually have a budget breakdown of about 36 percent for labor, 30 percent for food costs, and 30 percent to cover other operational costs. That leaves 4 percent for a profit margin. When labor costs shoot up to say 42 percent, something has to give.

Restaurants can take actions to adjust, such as raise their prices, acquire cheaper ingredients, and cut their operating hours and labor force. However, all those actions generate reactions from the public which can still lead to lower revenues for the restaurant and, for some, the decision to close their doors.

The Washington Policy Center explains:

When prices rise consumers seek alternatives, a behavior economists call the “substitution effect,” which results in lower demand for the higher-priced product. In the case of restaurants, consumers have access to the ultimate substitution – they can stay home.

A spokesman for the Washington Restaurant Association told the Washington Policy Center, “Every [restaurant] operator I’m talking to is in panic mode, trying to figure out what the new world will look like.”

Read more at…


I know! I Know! The liberal leadership can pass a law mandating that business owners continue to do business as usual without any hope of profit. After all, what do their families need money for? It isn't like they have to pay bills, buy groceries, keep warm in the winter or send their kids to college, eh?



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Pick an issue for my next climate article. Constructive Comments / input welcome. 

9 deviants said What is meant by 'Settled Science.'
6 deviants said The lies, smears, obfuscations and outright bad science practiced by the pro-'man-made' global warming blog 'skeptical science.'
5 deviants said A more comprehensive listing of all the problems created by wind-power farms.
5 deviants said A more in-depth listing of Climate Feedback mechanisms
3 deviants said Other


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Sorry it's a bit late, thank you so much for the watch :) (Smile) 
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Thanks for the watch.
lordmep Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
Global warming will hurt women more because they'll have to become prostitutes…

I figured you could have fun with this.
Kajm Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
I did a little looking around after you gave me that link. I think I could do a bit of mocking on that one :P
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 i made a new story
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pixiefairydustpinup Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
Are you familiar with Bill Becker's 'Aerotecture'? Do you know if its a success and what are your thoughts on wind turbines on buildings?

(if you've already covered this in a journal maybe you could send me the link)  :)
Kajm Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Afraid not, I shall have to look it up.

One thing I have watched (and applauded) was the construction of a building in Dubai, I believe, in which they installed three turbines (check that, it was Bahrain…  )   . They had to work on a daily deadline due to the fact that the winds those turbines would take advantage of, came up at pretty much the exact same time every day.

I think it is a neat idea. Again, it is something which would be very specific in its' arrangement- you can't do it everywhere. Unfortunately that exact same tower is a good example…

Although they didn't do it quite right, I still think that's the right direction to go in. I don't think a free-standing (single base) would be a good idea on top of a building.

Despite what some people on DA may say, I Do believe renewable energy has its' place. It just doesn't appear to me, though, that it could ever be a replacement, more of a tide-over until we can get better sources online.
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