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Interested in climate change? I've got a Stack of articles, right here!…

If you disagree with something that I or anyone has said, please QUOTE THE EXACT WORDS YOU DISAGREE WITH. This avoids many misunderstandings.

If you cannot do that, then don't be surprised if I don't want to be bothered with you.

To all the rest, Come on in, Read and Learn! That is all I ask. I do not claim special knowledge; in fact, I freely admit that I have a long way to go.
But with a degree in geology and 30 years of following this, I think I have a pretty good idea of which way to go.
In the end, which way you choose to believe, is up to you. But you should base your decision upon the facts, not upon hype.


Royal Society In Trouble Over False Extinction Claim Paper

  • Date: 20/09/14
  • Ben Webster, The Times

It was presented as shocking evidence of the damage being done by climate change: a species driven to extinction because of a decline in rainfall in its only habitat. Now the “rediscovery” of a species of snail is prompting questions about the role played by the Royal Society, Britain’s most prestigious scientific institution, in raising false alarm over an impact of climate change.

The snail was found alive last month on Aldabra in the Seychelles

Rhachistia aldabrae was found alive last month on Aldabra, a coral island in the Seychelles, seven years after a scientific paper in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters had declared it extinct and said climate change was to blame. The claim was cited in 2013 in a paper in another Royal Society journal, which suggested that this was the clearest example of man-made climate change causing an extinction.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the UN science advisory body, used the second paper as evidence in its major report this year on the impacts of rising emissions. It stated: “Future species extinctions are a high risk because the consequences of climate change are potentially severe, widespread and irreversible.”

However, the claim that the snail was extinct had been rebutted in 2007 by four senior scientists, including Clive Hambler, a lecturer in biology at the University of Oxford and a leading authority on Aldabra. They wrote to the editor of Biology Letters in 2007, saying the paper’s author, Justin Gerlach, had wrongly claimed that “exhaustive” searches had been made for the snail. They also said he had used the wrong method to assess its decline and had made an error that resulted in the reduction in rainfall being exaggerated.

In a rebuttal paper, they wrote: “The vast majority of the habitat is virtually inaccessible and has never been visited. It is unwise to declare this species extinct after a gap in known records of ten years. We predict ‘rediscovery’ when resources permit.”

The journal refused to publish the rebuttal, saying it had been “rejected following full peer review”. The journal sent Mr Hambler the reviews of the rebuttal by two anonymous academic referees, who had rejected the criticisms made of Mr Gerlach’s paper.

However, the Royal Society admitted this week, after questions from The Times, that the referees who had rejected the rebuttal were the same referees who had approved Mr Gerlach’s paper for publication. The society said it had since changed its policy on reviewing rebuttals.

After hearing that the snail had been found, Mr Hambler wrote to the journal this month asking it to retract Mr Gerlach’s paper and publish his rebuttal. “Your original (Gerlach) paper on a climate-induced extinction had errors… Yet it has come to be cited as one of the clearest examples of possible climate-induced global extinction,” he wrote. Speaking to The Times, he said: “Crying wolf over climate change in this way diverts attention from more pressing causes of extinction, such as the destruction of habitat and invasive species.”

Full story (subscription required)

- See more at:…


So the Royal Society published a paper which had already been refuted. They never did due diligence and make certain that the snail was actually extinct. And then the IPCC cited it as 'proof' that climate change was killing off species.

And it was all BULLSHIT.

That's right up there with the AMS and their FALSE butterfly extinction paper :iconscythemantis:     Climate Scientists are Dispassionate gods of Truth by Kajm

And yet you see nothing wrong with this?

The IPCC is 'the gold standard' in science, chop-buggy! How are we supposed to trust the science when the people behind it are bowing to ideology?
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Do you believe that scientists are dispassionate gods of truth, bereft of greed and avarice, untouchable by corruption or ideology? 

11 deviants said No
11 deviants said WHO THE F*** BELIEVES THAT S***!?!
1 deviant said Yes
No deviants said Other (comments welcome!)


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*nods* there is a... suggestion, anyway, that volcanic activity increases when the sun goes quiet. Solar cycle 5 was a very quiet solar cycle and pretty much right at the beginning of the Little Ice Age; around the same time, volcanic activity increased. Around the end of the 1800s volcanic activity fell off, which coincided with increased solar activity and the end of the LIA.

I won't say it is a theory. Everyone I have mentioned it to on the skeptic sites is aware of it but they try not to speculate. We would want to see it happen several times to be sure, and that would take several thousand years.

In my Op, it seems a good match. Unfortunately the sun is projected to get even quieter in the next cycle, which starts in 2017.
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I see, so practically another point for global freezing !!
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Agnostic - "a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God.…

Pay attention to the bold part. You're not agnostic, so stop claiming to be anything but an atheist.

...On second thought, several atheists I know would be offended by you associating yourself with them, so maybe you should go with "anti-theist" instead.
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