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Interested in climate change? I've got a Stack of articles, right here!…

If you disagree with something that I or anyone has said, please QUOTE THE EXACT WORDS YOU DISAGREE WITH. This avoids many misunderstandings.

If you cannot do that, then don't be surprised if I don't want to be bothered with you.

To all the rest, Come on in, Read and Learn! That is all I ask. I do not claim special knowledge; in fact, I freely admit that I have a long way to go.
But with a degree in geology and 30 years of following this, I think I have a pretty good idea of which way to go.
In the end, which way you choose to believe, is up to you. But you should base your decision upon the facts, not upon hype.




Violent Tornadoes On The Decline In The US

October 30, 2014

By Paul Homewood  




As we, fortunately, head towards the end of the third quiet tornado year in a row, let’s take a closer look at the intensity of tornadoes in the US.


We often hear claims that tornadoes are growing stronger as a result of global warming. But what do the facts tell us?


NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center maintains a database of tornadoes back to 1950. However, it is generally accepted by tornado experts that data is unreliable from the 1950’s and 60’s, which were known as the “tornado growth period”, as observation practices began to develop.

Another problem during these early decades was that, according to the SPC’s Greg Carbin, there were too many higher-rated tornadoes because of post rating.

Therefore, any analysis can only be reliably started from 1970.

It is also well accepted that many more small EF-0 tornadoes are spotted nowadays, that would have gone unnoticed previously, so these too need to be excluded from any analysis.


[Quick note -  The EF-Scale was introduced in 2007, to replace the F-Scale. All above references to EF-Scale refer to both.]


From the SPC data, we can therefore plot the annual number of EF-1+ tornadoes.



Figure 1


As we see, the number of tornadoes has been on a declining trend.


But within this total, are stronger tornadoes on the increase? We can plot the percentage totals of each category.




  Figure 2


Figure 3


Figure 4


Figure 5


The results are perfectly clear – the weakest EF-1 tornadoes have been increasing as a proportion, while all the other categories have been declining. (I have not shown EF-5’s separately, as these are such a small number, about one a year, as to make any trends meaningless).


Can we rely on tornado classifications being consistent over time? There is no easy answer to this, but when the Enhanced Fujita system was introduced in 2007, it was stressed that the new system was designed to ensure compatibility with the original Fujita scale.

In any event, NOAA themselves still publish official analyses using these classifications, something they would hardly do if the data was unreliable.

Analysis of long term climatic trends can often be fraught with these sort of data issues, whether tornadoes, hurricane or temperatures. Nevertheless, the official data is the best we have got. And its message is clear.

Tornadoes since 1970 have been declining both in number and intensity.

Original here notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpr…


Yes, my journal title IS sarcastic.

We are finishing three straight years with tornadoes well below average, one of those years being a record low since records began in 1958. Yet 'climate scientists' keep telling us 'things is gettin' worseter.'
What's worse, I've had people on this site tell me 'things is gettin' worseter,' because they (supposedly) Live in tornado territory!

I do wish they could explain to me just HOW, in the face of the above FACTS.

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Obama was given 6 months to do something about climate change What do you believe his action will be? 

5 deviants said He will shut down major portions of the economy, to reduce CO2 emissions.
3 deviants said He will price energy out of site, and the Middle Class into extinction, or at least, Serfdom.
3 deviants said He will give 100,000,000,000 dollars to 'climate affected' nations- ie, to war lords, thugocrats and weapons merchants, world-wide
3 deviants said Some level of each of any or all of the above.
2 deviants said He will push ahead on efforts to geo-engineer the climate, regardless of science which demonstrates low climate sensitivity and therefore much lower 'bad' effects of climate.
2 deviants said What else? Please comment.
2 deviants said Comment either way!


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